Dr. Nicolás Damin and Prof. Paulo Feldman interviewed by CCTV on Report on the Work of the Government


On May 26th 2020, Chinese national media CCTV-13 interviewed with foreign scholars on issues related to this year’s Report on the Work of the Government. “Not setting a specific target for economic growth this year is a pragmatic strategy decision” said Nicolás Damin, Professor at University of Buenos Aires and Visiting Scholar at Fudan Development Institute, “I think it is very important news announced during the two sessions, that the list of sectors for the foreign investment will continue to expand, that is to say that China, instead of adopting protectionism,will try to maintain its allianceinitiated by the process of the Reform and Opening-up, linked with international capital and especially with international markets. I believe it's a good news for Latin America.”

In response to China’s poverty alleviation effort, Paulo Roberto Feldman, Professor of  Economics at the University of São Paulo and an invited researcher of Fudan Development Institute said: “Elimination of poverty by the Chinese government is undoubtedly the greatest achievement of China in recent years, setting an example for humanity, it is an example because other countries could follow what has been done by the Chinese government.”

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