The Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP) defines itself as a plural and tolerant academic community, based on ethical, democratic and Catholic principles. Our essential foundations are based on academic rigor, a plurality of scientific and humanistic perspectives, Catholic values and ethical principles, a culture of discrepancy and tolerance, and a commitment with the development of Peru and its people. Consequently, our model seeks to serve the country and the world through our students’ comprehensive training, the development of knowledge and our commitment to society.

PUCP, established in 1917, is located in Lima, capital of Peru. It has two campuses (413 902 m2) hosting 8 libraries, 397 classrooms, and 47 labs. As of 2020, PUCP ranks 1st in Peru, 18th in Latin America and 432th in the world according to QS rankings. It has 16 academic departments, 13 faculties, 2 general studies units, and 1 multidisciplinary graduate school that includes a prestigious business school (CENTRUM). As of 2020, PUCP has more than 29,000 students (78% undergraduate, 22% graduate), around 3000 active academic staff members, and 3000 administrative and services personnel.

PUCP offers 65 undergraduate programs, 147 master degrees and 23 doctorate degrees. The academic programs include architecture and urbanism; art and design; performing arts; accounting; social sciences; engineering sciences; communication arts and sciences; law; education; business and management; tourism and hospitality; and liberal arts. In terms of research, the university hosts 19 research centers and 189 research groups focused on different areas of knowledge. PUCP´s research output is considered high according to QS rankings.

Likewise, in order to strengthen its ties with society, PUCP develops a variety of projects together with local community actors through its Academic Directorate of Social Responsibility. In addition, it channels the development of innovation projects with the business sector through its Innovation Office. PUCP currently also holds the presidency of the Peruvian Universities Network. Lastly, it promotes and spreads different cultural manifestations such as cinema, theatre and plastic arts through its renown Cultural Center.